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Kalio was founded in 2007, in Montevideo, Uruguay, by four friends with a shared love for technology and making things.

Since 2008, mobile games is what keeps us awake at night (besides our kids). Our debut title was TriDefense and we've just published Ring Run Circus—a ringformer game for iOS and Mac—which you can read all about in this blog.


Ring Run Circus v1.2.8 (Mac) is on the way!

Update Tue Jan 14, 2014: Apple has just approved version 1.2.8 and it should be rolling out later today. Go check the Mac App Store for updates!

We are happy to announce that we just submitted Ring Run Circus v1.2.8 to Apple for review.

What’s new in v1.2.8:

  • Snow Leopard and Lion compatibility.
  • Fixed a crash which prevented the game from launching in systems with older CPUs, most notably the Mac Pro 1,1.

We expect the update to go live in the Mac App Store next week.

This is also a good time to remind you that you can always reach us by email (support at kalio dot net) or Twitter (@kalio) if you experience any other issues with the game. We’ll try our best to help you and we’ll always write back!

Thanks for playing!

Fix for Ring Run Circus failing to launch

In Ring Run Circus version 1.2.2 we introduced a bug that prevents the game from launching when the language of the device is set to other than English, French or Spanish.

We’ve already submitted the fix to Apple.

In the meantime you can change the language to any of these three to play Ring Run Circus: English, French or Spanish (not British English!).

Go to the Settings app, select “General” on the left pane. Scroll down on the right pane and tap “International”. Then tap “Language” and select “English” from the list.

We’re truly sorry about this.

UPDATE: The fix was just approved by Apple and should be available when you read this. The version number is 1.2.5.

This is a time-lapse of making the level called “A dream of Katarn”. It was inspired by the hexagon puzzle in Dark Forces.

What is not in this video is the time it takes to actually design the level, drawing on paper first and then building rough levels Blender that look awful but allow testing the concept. After a few (or a lot of) iterations in Blender I generally remake the level from scratch one last time to make sure it looks great. This last step is what this time-lapse shows.

Kalio at GDC Play 2013

This year is very special for us as we’re about to release Ring Run Circus, our labor of love for the past 2 and a half years.

As part of the marketing efforts, the four Kalio partners will be part of this year’s GDC Play, where we will be showing Ring Run Circus in all it’s glory.

If you’re going to GDC, please pay us a visit. We’ll show you the game and give you a sticker.

You might even get a chance to meet the beautiful Nina!

Game Stickers Trading at Thirteen

Because we love the idea of trading indie game icon stickers and because the number 13 is very easy to remember this year, we propose the following.

Trading @ Thirteen
Let’s meet every day at our GDC Play booth K13, at 13:00 hours (that’s 1PM) and trade game icon stickers!

GDC Play is open Tue-Thu and our K13 booth will be right by the entrance.

BTW, here’s an amazing collection of app icons in the making by @weheartgames.

RingRun - The Future

Since we’ve submitted the game, we’ve been hard at work porting it to the iPhone/iPad platform.

One of the most interesting challenges we’re working right now is making it a network game. If you’ve played the game you’ll know that it’s very fast and network latency can be critical.

We’ve just been told that RingRun was not selected for Gamma 4.

Well.. back to work!